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Art lessons are offered privately, and to small groups in the comfort of your home or office location. Workshops are great for parties and family gatherings. Discounts are offered for series of lessons purchased in advance, and also for group lessons. This is a great way to get together with friends and co-workers, relax, enhance creativity, and stimulate the right side of your brain! 
A great self esteem builder for kids and teens, and also for all those adults who say they can’t even draw a straight line! Contact Therese for more information on lessons, pricing, referral to art supply stores in your area, or to set up an appointment for your first art lesson!

Anyone Can Learn to Draw by Accessing the Right Side of the Brain

This class is great for beginners, as well as people who would like to improve their drawing skills and build their confidence. You will learn the basic skills of drawing, techniques to help you access the right side of your brain when you want to, all about basic drawing materials, and anything else you need to know to complete a drawing. You will need an 11” X 14” drawing pad, a 6B graphite pencil, and a kneaded eraser. Four 1-½ hour lessons are recommended to complete the lessons.

Intermediate Drawing

A continuation of the beginning class. Learn more about shading, perspective, transition to color, and more. You will need all the materials from the beginning drawing class plus a 9” X 12” smooth surface Bristol pad, and 1/2 “ artist tape. Four 1-½ hour lessons are recommended to complete this series.

Beginning Colored Pencil

Everything that you need to learn to get started with colored pencil. Learn “Grisaille” technique (colored pencil over graphite),
Transparent layering, how to work on colored paper, colored pencil over colored markers, and more. You will need all the supplies from the beginning and intermediate drawing classes, as well as a good set of professional grade colored pencils, and a pad of tracing paper that is the same size as your Bristol pad. 

Drawing and Painting Club

This club is for those who have already taken the beginning drawing class. We will spend some time discussing basic art techniques in graphite, colored pencil, watercolor, mixed media and more. We will then spend the rest of the time practicing what we have learned. This class is not so much instructional, as a time to get together and work on art projects, improve your artistic skills, and receive inspiration from and have the support of the group energy. This is a great opportunity for those who just can’t seem to work on their own, to set aside a weekly time to create art. This is an ongoing class. Contact Therese for details.

Drawing and Mixed Media for Kids and Teens

Geared toward kids (from 6 years) and teens, these lessons include right brain drawing techniques, colored pencil, various art media such as watercolor, inks, collage, acrylic paint, oven baked clay, and more. These lessons are ongoing.

Drawing the Head and Face

Learn the proportions of the head and face, muscular/skeletal anatomy, how to draw the features one by one, and how to draw the hair. Includes handouts. Recommended four 1-½ hour lessons, and can also be done as a 4 hour workshop with a one hour lunch break.

Watercolor and Mixed Media Workshop

In this fun workshop you will learn to create a finished artwork using watercolor, masking techniques, colored pencil, colored markers, ink, and watercolor pencils. You can choose between a 9” X 11” picture format, or two 5” X 7” greeting cards format. Recommended time is 4 hours for adults with a 1-hour break for lunch (and drying time of the watercolors), and 3 hours for kids, with an hour break for lunch. This is a great workshop for kids and adults to take together, and is often done as a mother/daughter workshop. Materials are included in the cost of the workshop. 

Color Theory Workshop

Learn all about color working with acrylic paint! Primary, secondary, tertiary, complementary colors and more. 
Learn how to mix color, make your own color wheel, and how color applies to all media. All supplies are included. Recommended time is a four-hour workshop with a 1-hour lunch break, or can be done in 4 one-hour lessons. 

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