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“There just aren't enough hours in the day to create all the art that I can see in my mind’s eye” says Southern California
Native Therese. “I enjoy all kinds of subject matter; botanicals, animals, people, landscapes, still-life, and images from my dreams and imagination. Nature is a never-ending and awe-inspiring source of inspiration, and I love faces, especially eyes. It's always a thrill to finish a portrait, and hear “you’ve really caught him/her, it’s something in the eyes!” I love working in many different mediums, but it’s hard to beat the precision that you can achieve with a graphite or colored pencil. It’s also easy, clean, portable, and non-toxic, and in today’s busy world, anything that makes it easier to be creative is definitely a plus! I believe that creativity is a natural and very important part of the human psyche, and if it is not nurtured, is a force that can potentially turn destructive.
I feel creativity can be developed, and the more you exercise that part of the mind, the stronger it becomes. Hundreds of students in my classes have begun by thinking they couldn't draw a straight line, then completely surprised themselves with the quality of the art that they can create,given the proper nurturing, and a bit of practice. It is always a pleasure to help people discover that they are indeed artists!”
Therese has been doing artwork all her life, is basically self taught, and has been teaching art to people of all ages for many years. She specializes in teaching people to draw by accessing the right side of the brain in her class, “Anyone can learn to draw”. She also teaches intermediate drawing, colored pencil, watercolor, watercolor pencil, acrylic painting, colored markers, color theory, drawing the head and face, collage, hand building with polymer clay, as well as a variety of mixed media and other art/craft workshops and techniques. She has an extensive background in ceramics, and has had experience teaching ceramic sculpture, hand building, pottery, and raku fired ceramics.

From December 2000 until November 2003 Therese was the owner and operator of "Cardiff Cards Community Creative & Cultural Center in downtown Encinitas. She taught art classes, workshops, and private art lessons to people of all ages, as well as employing and supervising other artists to teach classes such as cartooning, oil painting, calligraphy, handmade greeting cards, and Gyotaku fish printing. She organized several adult and children’s student art shows, which hung at the center, as well as several other venues in the San Diego area. She coordinated and hung several theme art shows, which included up to 25 artists from the San Diego area, as well as from around the country. Her art center and classes were mentioned numerous times in San Diego newspapers and magazines. From December 1999 until December 2000, Therese served on the board of directors of The 101 Artist’s Colony in Encinitas, California. She became their first administrator, and taught art classes in the gallery after hours. 
She has taught art classes at Adult Education programs, and in the North San Diego County elementary school system. Therese was one of the organizers of, and participants in the Encinitas Artist’s Showcase, which took place in Cardiff by the Sea, California in 1993/94.

In the early 90’s, Therese began her company, “Cardiff Cards” where she turned many of her original artworks into greeting cards and prints. They have been sold through many galleries and shops, as well as at her solo and group art exhibits. Therese has shown her original drawing, paintings and raku fired ceramics at The Off Track Gallery in Encinitas, The 101 Artist’s Colony in Encinitas, Miracles Café in Cardiff by the Sea, Artisan’s Del Mar and La Vida Del Mar, both in Del Mar, Art on Cedros in Solana Beach, and The Grand Pacific Palisades Resort in Carlsbad, all in California. She has participated in the Encinitas “Arts Alive” public art display since its inception in 2000, and has painted 5 banners for the city of Encinitas. In 2003 she was invited to paint a banner for the city of Oceanside, California, as well as being chosen in a countywide contest by San Diego’s Lindberg Field International Airport to paint a 12’ X 3' banner that hung at the city’s airport. 

Therese currently resides in La Costa, California where she creates new works in her home art studio. She teaches art classes at the Four Seasons Aviara Resort/Hotel in Carlsbad, and travels Coastal North County San Diego teaching small classes and private art lessons to kids, teens, and adults. She is also completing  a book about teaching art classes.

  Student Testimonials


"Therese is an amazing professional artist whose talents extend beyond your expectations. She is constantly creating innovative and unique teachings, keeping the participants intrigued. She is very versatile and offers a range of classes that include "Colored Pencil Basics", "Anyone can learn to Draw", "Creating Millefiori in Polymer Clay", "Fun with Cartoon Drawing", and "Oven Baked Clay for Kids". Her professionalism and reliability make her a pleasure to work with. She has an incredible ability to work with adults and children alike, displaying patience and guidance. I have witnessed Therese build confidence in people who believe they have no artistic talent and watched them be amazed by their own creations. Experienced artists, art teachers and those who dabble in it for fun, walk away inspired."

Katie Eichhorst
Residence Club Activities Manager
Four Seasons Avaira
Carlsbad, California


"Therese has been our daughter's art teacher for 4 years, and has been a tremendous influence on her as a developing artist. Therese has a way of emotionally connecting with children and guiding them through the artistic process in a creative and supportive way, always allowing the child to take the lead, fostering and encouraging independence in thought.

Our daughter Rachel, 9, is in the 4th grade. Recently during a parent/ teacher conference, her teacher Anita Anderson, who has been teaching elementary school for 10 years made these comments. " I have never in all my 10 years of teaching seen such beautiful artwork from any of my students. Rachel puts so much time and attention into her illustrations for her book reports. They are absolutely amazing. When I look at Rachel's projects, I am stunned and amazed and can't stop looking at how expressive they are. I think Rachel will become a famous artist someday!"

Carrie Greenstein
Solana Beach, California


"Thanks to Therese and her drawing classes, I have found a way to experience hands-on art. By providing the basics and the necessary building blocks to help develop my work, her teaching skills have succeeded in giving me the tools and encouragement to enjoy and appreciate my drawings. It is very rewarding to be pleased with one's own efforts and to eagerly begin the next project!"

Barbara Bathgate
Carlsbad, California


"Therese is an exceptional teacher, able to break things down into simple concepts, as well as offer enlightening insight."

Suanne Summers
Del Mar, California


"Therese has been providing art instruction to our 9 year old daughter Melissa, for over two years. During this time Melissa has flourished as an artist and her creative interests have increased dramatically. We firmly believe that Therese's guidance in the visual arts has contributed to Melissa's academic success through an increase in attention to details and improved attention span. Melissa spends her one and a half hours with Therese captivated with her projects and proud of her achievements. Therese has a special ability to lead gently and suggest improvements without criticizing. We look forward to Melissa's continued involvement in the visual arts and with Therese's instruction."

Susan Parmalee
Olivenhain, California


"Before attending classes by Therese, I had never learned how to draw.  As a mature adult, I doubted that I could learn many skills to create art.  Therese always offers invaluable help and guidance, suggesting ideas with encouragement and enthusiastic support.  She teaches me how to trust my eyes and enhance my own creativity and style.  Her classes move along at a comfortable pace.  This insightful teacher unweaves the complexity of color and instructs on the proven techniques of many mediums.  Now I enjoy watching the magic of my drawings unfold before me.  I certainly have learned so much in such a short time and am definitely thrilled with the results!"

Sharon Halpern
Encinitas, California

"Therese is a gentle, patient instructor with the ability to bring out all your talents. I have learned many helpful new techniques"
Marilyn Nelson
La Jolla, California

"Therese has a fantastic ability to explain right brain drawing techniques. Using simple exercises, she taught me to use the right side of my brain to focus on the edges, negative spaces, and light and shadow of an object that combine to create the whole picture. I was amazed at the drawings I was able to produce after just one class with Therese"
Elizabeth Finden
Encinitas, California